Holy Moley Mole Control is a mole catching service based near Selby in North Yorkshire, and covers a wide area throughout Yorkshire, but primarily in North and East Yorkshire.


I operate exclusively using well made British traps to remove an infestation. Not only does this show our customers proof of the moles we have removed, it guarentees results when done correctly. Unlike the 'old wives tales' techniques that can be found on the internet or by using the expensive 'repellents' found in garden centres.


Due to my confidencein my ability to catch Moles, I offer a 'no mole no fee' service. So if I don't catch the moles then you don't have to pay! This is the way traditional mole catchers have worked for generations.


Our pricing plan is straight forward. On domestic jobs we operate a 'per mole' price that lowers for each individual mole caught.


For agricultural jobs where there is an expectation of catching high numbers of moles, the prices can be either 'per mole' or charged at an hourly rate.


 I have previously attended a Lantra certified training course in order to ensure my mole catching skills were fully up to scratch. In addition I am a member of the Association of Professional Mole Catchers. By maintaining links with this organisation I am able to keep up to date with legislation changes and gain professional support where necessary. Which all ensures I can provide the highest standards of service to my customers.